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Weider Pro 4300

Weider Pro 4300



The Wielder Pro 4300 home gym makes getting stronger and fitter easier than ever. Within its compact profile it includes six different workout stations. You can perform a huge number of exercises at each station so the total capability of this machine is truly remarkable.


The system includes 125 pounds of weight, but with the cable and pulley arrangements this translates into almost 200 pounds of resistance available for multiple exercises.


Precision pulley bearings and bushings translate into a smoother and more fluid workout. As with any cable-based system the smoothness of the pulleys makes a great difference. The 4300 really comes through in this regard.


As you might expect, you can perform chest presses and chest flies with this machine. Given the obsession with chest development and bench press weights these days that's to be expected.


However the 4300' s capabilities go well beyond that. It has both high and low pulley capabilities as well as a multiposition lat pulldown bar. Preacher curls are no problem and you can definitely build up all aspects of your legs with the leg developer station.


One the good things about this system is that it is very compact. You get a very complete gym that has a very small footprint. It really doesn't take up much more space than a simple workout bench. Even so it offers vastly more potential for a complete workout.


One thing that is an issue for some buyers is need to assemble the gym. Unfortunately, most home gyms will require some assembly. When you think about it, this makes sense. It really isn't reasonable to expect something as bulky as even a compact home gym to be shipped completely assembled.


While assembling the 4300 does take some time it really is much easier then the assembly process a lot of parents go through on Christmas Eve. With the Weider gym the instructions are clear and straightforward. It just takes a bit of time to get the job done. But once you're finished you have a gym system you can use for years to come.


As good as a home gym multistation machines are, in my opinion they aren't the total answer. The best fitness programs are extremely variable and incorporate a lot of different styles of exercise. So while it's an excellent idea to get some home workout equipment such as the 4300 also remember to do your basic body weight exercises. Push-ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks and so on may seem old school but they've been around for so long for a reason.


I'm also a big fan of dumbbells. These are relatively inexpensive and hugely flexible in terms of the muscle groups you can train and develop using them.


One strategy if you're on a limited budget is to start out with some dumbbells. Workout steadily with these while you save money. Then when the time is right expand into a home gym such as the Wiener Pro 4300.