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Weider Pro 4950


Weider Pro 4950

The Weider Pro 4950 weight system gives you everything you need for total body muscle burning workouts.


 The weight stack offers resistance of up to 325 pounds, which is obviously plenty for all but the most advanced weightlifters. There are two main workout stations, each set up to light the form multiple exercises. There are literally hundreds of exercises and variations you can perform with this machine. A short list includes: benchpress, chest fly, tricep cable extensions, tricep kickbacks, leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses, lateral deltoid raise, lat pulldown, upright row and many more.


The stations are adjustable over wide range so you'll be able to find the ideal setup for your physique.


While not as durable as a commercial machine, this piece of equipment is extremely heavy-duty. It definitely has a solid feel and is much more stable than most other home gyms. It definitely offers good value for the price.


A key component of a system like this is the cable and pulleys. If the pulleys stick or the cables don't run smoothly it's much harder to get the workout you want. Weider uses what they call Precision System Components. These are various sized pulleys that use precision bearings and bushings for smooth performance and greater durability. You'll appreciate this workout after work out.


While the machine is rather large, the space it takes up is relatively small compared to the number of machines that replaces. Also, it can be partially folded away when not in use so you can continue to use whatever room it's in for other activities.


A big advantage that the Weider 4950 shares with other home gyms is its accessibility. It's in your home and always available for workout. While people get gym memberships with the best of intentions the fact is that they wind up not going nearly as often as they intended. A large part of this is the time it takes just getting to the gym and back home again. This is not an issue when you have on the equipment you need right in your home.


Another advantage of having the equipment right there is you can knock off a few exercises even if you don't have time for a full workout. Any exercise is better than no exercise and knocking off a few sets can help maintain the gains you've made into you have time for your for workout.


Over time, a home gym system such as the 4950 actually cost less than gym memberships since it's a one-time cost. In fact, depending on where you live getting a good quality multi-station gym like this can cost less than a one year family membership at a gym.


The main downside in getting the system is the fact that you have to put it together. While it's not hard, it does take time. If you're not inclined to do-it-yourself, you could hire a handyman or even a clever high school kid to put together for. You certainly shouldn't let the idea of assembling this stop you from getting the strong healthy body you deserve.