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Weider Pro is a line of premium exercise equipment. It's named after Joe Weider, a well known fitness advocate and publisher.


The Weider Pro line includes a number of home system multi-gyms, as well as simpler equipment such as adjustable benches. A distinguishing feature of the Pro line is its durability. The equipment is made for heavy use with serious weights.


The other feature that's important about this line of Weider exercise equipment is its value. While it's not the least expensive out there, the added quality makes it well worth the investment. If you've ever tried to do bench presses on a shaky bench that felt like it could collapse on you at any time you know what I mean.


One sign of the durability of this equipment is its weight. Solid, strong component simply weigh more. When you're equipment arrives, you get a workout just getting it in place and putting it together. I had to carry mine up three flights of stairs with the help of a buddy and didn't feel the need to do any other exercise that day. This stuff is solid, which of course is what you want.


One advantage of a multifunction gym system is that one piece of equipment lets you perform multiple exercises. If you go to a gym you'll find multiple pieces of equipment each with only one function. For example, you may see a series of benches for doing bench presses. They'll probably be a lat pulldown machine, high and low pulleys, the leg press machine and so on.


In a public gym environment, this makes sense. If you have multiple pieces of equipment multiple people can be doing various exercises at the same time at each of the workout stations. However, this really isn't the best way to go for a home gym. For one thing, how many of us have the space at home for multiple pieces of equipment? A multi-gym has multiple workout stations in a very compact space.


Not only that, a home multi-gym is much less expensive than buying the individual exercise pieces it replaces. It comes down to not having to pay for the same thing over and over.


For example, individual  lat pulldown, leg press and  military press machines might all have their own weight stacks. When you buy those machines, you pay for those weight stacks. With a multi-gym, the same weight stacks works for multiple exercises. You only pay for it once. Savings like these really add up.


One thing to keep in mind is that most of these pieces do require some assembly. It's a little time-consuming but it is also very straightforward. Even someone with no experience can follow the straightforward instructions without difficulty.


The Weider Pro line continues to evolve. As new systems are introduced, others are phased out. This means that someone on a budget can often find used machines at quite a discount.


Whether you buy new or used, quality exercise equipment is one the best investments you can make.


Weider 4300


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